Friday, 22 January 2010

And I thought I had issues...

It seems unfair to hold back the truth from the world so for your further education I supply a few more pictures of Gnomeville. I think this now puts me in the same category as those people who publish grainy photos of old boots and pretend they are sea monsters; or those who put up fuzzy pictures of curtains blowing on a dark night with captions like - "ghostly visitation? - you decide..." - cue slightly creepy music and a slow fade.
Of course the difference between me and the ghosthunters and monster watchers is that I WAS THERE!


  1. That is what people say when they have been beamed up to the mother ship. You realize, this you know?

    Really been enjoying the photos.

  2. It did feel a little like being in a different Universe - a very scary universe - and strangely all the people I met who insisted I go look at the Gnomes seemed, on the surface, to be quite normal. Clearly the watchers do indeed walk amongst us!